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Why We Love Prince George

Our firm comes from a rich history in Prince George, which we aim to build upon for a better future. Our current partners and architectural team chose Prince George because of the lifestyle, with access to endless outdoor activities, natural landscapes and backcountry to explore. We enjoy being a small firm with intimate relationships with our design team and our clients. Our team is committed to improving the quality of life for Northern British Columbians through great design – living, working and volunteering in the Prince George community reinforces that commitment. Designing for the City and region that we call home fosters an understanding of the identity of Prince George and Northern BC, meaning that our design solutions reflect the history, people, place, climate, and culture. By providing local responses to design problems we can avoid the ‘placelessness’ that is common in contemporary architecture, where similar design solutions are applied across the world with very little understanding of the local context.

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